Basic information

Company name Aeroflot
Type Premium customer type
Category Airlines

Contact information

Phone +421 2 43426896
Fax +421 2 43337581
Street and number Letisko M. R. Štefánika
City Bratislava
ZIP 823 11
Country Slovakia

Company information

Aeroflot, Russian’s largest airline Company, steeped in tradition and with a long history in aviation. Has celebrated its 87 anniversary in February 2010. You can fly from all over the world to numerous destinations worldwide easily and conveniently in a short space of time. Through its hub at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow, Aeroflot operates flights to 94 destinations in 46 countries (25 destinations in Russia).

Inside Russia, Aeroflot has six branches - in St. Petersburg, Sochi, Magadan, Krasnoyarsk, Kaliningrad and Vladivostok. The airline pays a special attention to its presence in the Russian market, especially Siberia and the Far East.

In 2009, Aeroflot flew 8.76 million passengers (5.6 per cent decrease to 2008). Aeroflot Group, including subsidiaries, served 11 million passengers (out of the total of 45 million carried by the national airline industry).


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