4expat ltd.

Basic information

Company name 4expat ltd.
Type Premium customer type
Category Relocation Service

Contact information

Phone +421 0 903013113
E-mail expat@4expat.eu
URL www.4expat.eu
Street and number Groesslingova 30
City Bratislava
ZIP 811 09
Country Slovakia

Company information

4expat is run by a small team of native Slovaks who have a long-term experience with expatriates at international companies located in Bratislava and are familiar with the needs and concerns visitors and expats can have after arriving into the new environment. We have solid experience with assistance to VIPs and people of various nationalities settling down in the Slovak republic.

Assistance for Expats in Slovakia

Since we are natives of Bratislava, we have professional as well as personal knowledge to provide to new arrivals.  We give fair advice and support during search for accommodation.  We cooperate with more local agents and are able to provide you with a matching list of suitable apartments before your coming here. We are familiar with the local market and conditions.  We know the local living conditions and are able to find the fitting professional assistance for you in almost any field and arrange your smooth beginning in the new environment.  


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