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Prologis Park Bratislava Expands to Meet Customer Demand

Prologis, Inc., the global leader in logistics real estate, today announced that it will begin construction of a 21,140 square metre speculative facility at Prologis Park Bratislava to meet high demand from customers throughout the region. more >>

Career Survival Skills: Your Market Value

When someone is looking for a job, they may assume that the more resumes they throw out there, for as many people to see, is a good idea. But this heavily depends on what you do, what you’ve done and what you want to do and accomplish. more >>

Career Survival Skills: What to Avoid When You Resign

During the actual resignation meeting, as I already suggested, you should avoid getting sucked into a debate or conversation about your decision to leave your current employer. Even if you are on good personal terms, this isn’t a family meeting with members judging the sensibility or wisdom of ... more >>

Career Survival Skills: Maybe isn’t an Answer

Often, when we are seeking something, we’re told maybe or some other conditional word like perhaps, possibly or potentially. Sometimes these words are appropriate and the topic under discussion is conditional, although they are also offered in lieu of a real and definitive answer. This is ... more >>

Career Survival Skills: Interview “NEVERS”

There are some things you should never do during an interview, yet I see people willingly doing or saying the dumbest things during an interview process. While I can think of a long list of suggestions of what you should do, let me suggest some of the most basic and potentially damaging things ... more >>

Career Survival Skills: No Evidence, No Credibility

The good jobs, the ones we all strive for are fewer and harder to get than ever. This means, conversely, that you need to be better prepared than others, more on your game and at your best. If you do not recognize this, you obviously haven’t been in the current jobs market or you’re simply ... more >>

Job Hopper or Dedicated Worker?

In the current jobs market I meet many people who face a dilemma and they are conflicted. Should they wait for the right job or should they take a job, until the right one comes along? The next consideration that may be influencing their decision is how the job change may be perceived on the ... more >>

Career Survival Skills: Improve Your Resume, Pt.1

Even if you have good information to share in your resume, information that is not useful, is counter-productive, or just plain unnecessary can be a distraction and shouldn’t be listed in the document meant to represent you in the best and most effective possible manner. Let’s go through some ... more >>

Career Survival Skills: Social Media and the Other You

Many people display a different persona, depending on the environment we are in or with whom we are associating at that moment in time, whether privately or publicly /professionally. That separation is normal and more important in the modern era in which we live; as a result of social media and ... more >>
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