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Four more years of the same?

With the re-election of President Obama what should investors do to attempt to take advantage of the opportunities that this creates?  At Greenberg Financial Group we are strong believers in Santa Ana’s quote about forgetting the past and thus, while every financial firm uses the disclaimer that... more >>

The Female Price of Equality

The  2004 EU gender directive made it illegal for any insurer to use gender as one of the risk factors when determining insurance risk and premiums for insurance policies. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) allowed insurance companies an opt-out if they could provide statistical and actuarial ... more >>

Know Your Limits

We have all heard about the collapse of institutions that were seen as “too big to fail” in recent years. But what level of investor protection is available, within Europe, for people’s savings? more >>

Weekly Finance Bulletin 5th November 2012

Across the globe, global stock indices enjoyed a largely positive week. Buoyed by encouraging US and Chinese economic data, stock valuations were able to slightly advance even as US markets were closed for 2 days following Hurricane Sandy. more >>

Weekly Finance Bulletin 29th October 2012

Markets gave up ground. A string of disappointing earnings results from industry stalwarts painted a glum mood for investors as both Apple and Amazon were unable to lift sentiment. more >>

Patriotism can pay - Where there is a Will!

There are numerous reasons why it is essential for individuals to have Wills and , for the British expat, there are a number of considerations. The payment of taxes is determined by residency. However, Wills and inheritance, for someone born in Britain are often determined by domicile – which ... more >>

Weekly Finance Bulletin 22nd October 2012

It was a mixed bag of results for global equity indices. In Europe, markets advanced well for the week with most indices delivering a 2% gain for the week. French and Spanish markets nearly pushed above 3%. more >>

Providing financial advice for American expats

There are thousands of Americans living in Central and Eastern Europe as well as across the rest of the continent who may be in need of a financial investment advisor.  Because of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) many banks are “firing” their US clients rather than deal with the ... more >>

The EU Savings Directive

I have dealt with a client that had to send the local Czech tax office the grand sum of 180kc as a result  of interest earned  from a UK bank account. The UK interest was taxed at source and so there is no further tax to pay, but to prove it would cost more than the 180kc the local Financial ... more >>

All that glitters is not gold…..

With so many of the people I talk to concerned about what is happening across Europe and where we will go from here I continue to hear the question “should I buy gold?” And statements such as “the markets are doomed gold is your best bet!” more >>

Getting Your Benefits Right When Working Abroad

As expats, we all have different reasons for moving away from the UK. In the main, these are likely to be for career progression or a complete change in lifestyle. For those that move abroad in order to work , they may wish to consider some of the employee benefits that they left behind and to ... more >>

Life Assurance at the click of a button

Technology has made huge improvements to the way in which we run our lives, this is particularly true in the way in which we communicate with other people and organisations. Now, it is possible to arrange life assurance cover for residents of over 30 countries in Europe, all online. The benefits... more >>

Offshore Trusts (Making sure you can have trust in your financial arrangements)

Previous articles have referred to trusts on a number of occasions. Trusts are extremely useful financial planning vehicles for all sorts of reasons and circumstances. It is fair to say that there is a certain amount of  “mystery” about trusts and the feeling that they are only for the super ... more >>

Making sure your hard earned wealth goes to where you want it (2).

In a recent article, I discussed how UK non-domiciled individuals can gift money for the benefit of younger family members but still retain control and access to the gift. This week, I want to look at an option to gift for those who may still be UK domicile, even if non-UK resident. more >>

Making sure your hard earned wealth goes where you want it to.

Gifting to future generations has always been a consideration for parents/grandparents that want to ensure that such things as university fees are covered or money is available to help with the purchase of a home or an apartment. The downside to gifting money is the loss of control on how that ... more >>
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