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(R)evolutionary economics and the system (under) pressure (by Tomáš Sedláček)

Marx's critique of capitalism is based primarily on a moral criticism, not a performance one. Even Marx himself, the greatest critic of capitalism, admits that the system itself is the most powerful system of governance humanity has ever—in its history—experienced. Today, even the 'poor' ... more >>

Dream of dreams or Dreams, (non)science and ideology (by Tomáš Sedláček)

The topic of dreaming seems to be far away from economic, political or any "serious" debate. But this  in itself is "just the way things appear " to us. (We see that  dreaming and "the appearance" are with us as a theme before we know it: something 'appears' to us and some thing does not, and ... more >>

The question of heaven: Or, a Boring Superman (by Tomáš Sedláček)

If we think about the question, “what is heaven?”, it seems to me that there is a widespread belief among us that heaven is something that concerns the human psyche, i.e., an internal human state of consciousness. It is a kind of personal "mental adjustment," the way each of us would ... more >>

(R)evolutionary economics - An inspiring debate with Tomáš Sedláček was privileged to meet with renowned economist Tomáš Sedláček in one of Prague's finest cafes to discuss his new book, recent developments and debate everything from politics to theatre. more >>

Movie Gravity, dizziness, and our loneliness (by Tomáš Sedláček)

The most remarkable thing of the current hit movie Gravity is not the visual effects, but the scary relation of proximity to distance and solitude.  No other film has captured so dizzily, the sense of giddiness of being infinitely far being within close reach. The infinite distance begins ... more >>

Complex banality of evil (by Tomáš Sedláček)

A film about Hana Arendt and the records of the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem is coming to the cinema. The book concludes that evil, most often and quite surprisingly, does not take the form of a demonic maniac, but - like Eichmann - looks like a clerk, a bureaucrat, another machine screw that ... more >>

Central (?) Europe: It’s the Economy, Stupid!

As both NATO and EU seem to be grappling for their identities and so is the Euro-Atlantic relationship, Central European countries find the pillars of their sense of security gone and their perspectives for prosperity dimmed more >>

Metastasis: the curse of good or the greatest enemy of good is not evil (by Tomáš Sedláček)

It is often said - and believed - that evil is the opposite of good; evil lies at the opposite pole of good.  In an extremely vulgar conception, which however is very widespread, evil is a type of good with a negative sign. Here we are already approaching an accounting of good and evil, in ... more >>

Blowout (by Tomáš Sedláček)

Those who saw the French film Blowout (Marc Ferreri, 1973), are quite clear about what is meant by decadence. Here, a group of gourmets indulge in gluttony embarking on a trip where they cook and eat all the time. But soon they find that they’ve had enough. No matter if they are persuaded and... more >>

Weekly Finance Bulletin 30th of September 2013

Market Roundup: Asia ended the week in the red, however has had a quite remarkable month. The Nikkei advanced 9.66% whereas other regional indices such as the Hang Seng, Sensex and Singapore Strait were all up above 5.5%. more >>

Weekly Finance Bulletin 17th of June 2013

Last week had seen volatility re-enter global stock markets. This week was no different. Fear crept back into the investor sentiment with concerns on how the Fed with move next with its latest, balance - sheet busting quantitative - easing program. As the week wore on, those fears appeared to ... more >>

Weekly Finance Bulletin 10th of June 2013

Most Asian markets fell Friday on caution ahead of the US nonfarm payrolls data, while Japanese stocks dropped for a third straight day as exporters came under pressure from the yen’s sharp gains the previous day. more >>

Weekly Finance Bulletin 3rd of June 2013

Japanese stocks rebounded on Friday to recover some of the steep losses suffered in the previous session, aided by a deluge of monthly economic data and strong cues from Wall Street. more >>

The Philippines - a good investment?

The Philippines, a Southeast Asian emerging economy, has attracted substantial investment in recent years even though the economy is small in comparison to markets like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. While by definition it is emerging, one should also bear in mind with it comes a set of ... more >>

Economic ethics or economics as (our) ideology (by Tomáš Sedláček)

Economics at first glance seems to be a technical science: a neutral, value-free field, in which value and optimal production, prices, profits are impersonally calculated. A social science considered by many to not even be a social science, but rather an exact science, a science similar to ... more >>

The EU Savings Tax Directive – and what it means to you.

Since 2005 there has been an agreement between the 27 EU members states regarding exchange of information on interest earnings from banks. Many of you will already be familiar with the effects of this agreement, which provide that if you have an account with a bank in another EU state, that ... more >>

Weekly Finance Bulletin 22nd of April 2013

Yet another mixed week for markets. Asian markets were flat to positive, on the back of news that foreign direct investment into China 5.65% in March from a year earlier to total $12.4 billion. The gain was well above the 1.44% average increase in FDI over the January-March period. more >>

Weekly Finance Bulletin 8th of April 2013

Markets generally endured a difficult week. Starting with Asia, all major indices retracted with the exception of Japan. Stocks in Japan extended a rally on Friday, with the Nikkei 225 index finishing up 3.5% for the week on the back of unprecedented stimulus. The yen had another down day ... more >>

Myths in the time of cholera (by Tomáš Sedláček)

"I will give Europe a year! A maximum of two ... ", perhaps these might be uttered in contempt by characters in a tragicomedy about this moment of European crisis. This disgusting feeling still lingers in our mouths due to the unfulfilled promises from our last swallow of bad medicine and yet it... more >>

Weekly Finance Bulletin 25th of March 2013

A mixed week for markets. European markets have been rattled by news of Cyprus. Crippled by exposure to Greek debt, Cyprus needs to raise €5.8bln in order to secure a €10bln emergency loan from the EU and IMF. Failure to do so may risk exit from the Euro. How ironic given that Athens, for now, ... more >>
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