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Embraco provides students with new experiences

Three students from the Technical University Košice (TUKE) found a job in the firm via personnel leasing. more >>

Price of folk costumes growing

Investing in folk costumes is like investing in the arts. more >>

Employment agencies close shop

The changes to business of temporary employment agencies have caused serious problems to them. more >>

Spa towns near borders will be connected with cycle route

Some significant spa towns on the Slovak-Polish border will be connected with a 230 kilometre long cycle route. more >>

Šaľa minizoo gets new animals

Šaľa wants to make the park of a former hospital closer to people. more >>

Drivers should prepare for major road works on the D1 highway

The closures will last from the morning of April 29 until the evening of April 30. more >>

U.S.Steel: Judges disclosed ruling before its was issued

The Košice-based steelworks complain that judges who issued the right of lien on their premises are biased. more >>

Cvernovka's creative talents celebrate first open day at new premises

Bratislava's art and design ateliers from the old yarn-making factory open their doors on May Day. more >>

PR services bring new ideas

Specialised agencies can better adjust a company’s image, taking into consideration the emotions of a particular end user. more >>

Business shared centres should go to the regions

The government adopted a concept to support the business service centres in July 2016, introducing 21 specific measures in three main areas. more >>

Bachelor degree undervalued

Having a bachelor degree in Slovakia is still considered as an unfinished education. more >>

Trenčín to be the city of fashion, again

The tradition of the biggest Slovak fashion fair is reviving. more >>